October 16, 2019
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Illinois Technology Association (ITA) Announces Appointment of Sarah Habansky to the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition

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Illinois Technology Association (ITA) Announces Appointment of  Sarah Habansky to the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition

 ITA Vice President represents Chicagoland technology industry needs

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) is proud to announce Vice President, Sarah Habansky, is joining the Steering Committee of the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition (IBIC), addressing advocacy issues affecting the Illinois technology industry.  The IBIC is a bipartisan, statewide initiative calling for common sense reform that supports Illinois’ economic recovery, providing Illinois companies with the high and low skilled talent they need.  The organization also promotes the integration of immigrants into our economy as consumers, workers, entrepreneurs and citizens.

The IBIC is compiling the needs of diverse sectors of the Illinois economy – including technology, hospitality, manufacturing, agriculture, education, healthcare, engineering, energy, finance, and real estate -  in conjunction with immigrant advocates, to promote common sense immigration solutions that will ensure Illinois’ economic competitiveness.

Sarah Habansky, ITA“The IBIC is doing important work to support Illinois’ economy,” said Sarah Habansky, Vice President, ITA.  “A growing number of foreign-born students are being educated at Illinois’ world-class universities and then forced to return to their home countries when the availability of jobs and in fact the serious need for their skills, are in Illinois and across the United States.  Illinois’ technology industry is in dire need of qualified technology professionals to fuel the growth of their businesses and the economic recovery of the state.”

The IBIC is working with every member of the Illinois Congressional delegation across both sides of the aisle, recruiting 1000 small Illinois businesses and 300 leading CEOs to promote the issues of immigration and how it affects the State.

About the Illinois Technology Association

The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) is the driving force behind Illinois' vibrant technology industry. ITA’s extensive lineup of curated member programs and services address three key critical areas: growth, talent, and visibility. By leveraging the connections and expertise of its more than 600 member companies representing a workforce that is 50,000 strong and growing, the ITA provides the ecosystem growing technology companies need to succeed. For more information, visit, follow the ITA on Twitter at, and view the ITA’s Facebook profile at

About the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition (IBIC)

 The Illinois Business Immigration Coalition (IBIC) represents a growing and diverse set of businesses and business associations promoting sensible, comprehensive federal immigration reform to benefit the people and economy of our state.

We believe that we have a unique opportunity to unite across diverse sectors – high-skilled and low-skilled, large corporations and small businesses – in a successful push for sensible immigration reform alongside elected officials and immigrant advocates.

Our goal is to provide a strong and effective voice for Illinois businesses in the national immigration conversation and to urge our elected officials to vote for our economy and our communities by supporting comprehensive, sensible immigration reform.

Dorothy Radke, Illinois Technology Association

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