November 19, 2019
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Wall Street Journal:
"My company runs four ski areas, two hotels and more than a dozen restaurants in Aspen and Snowmass, Colo. At peak season, we employ roughly 4,000 people. Foreign visitors are crucial to our business—and we have a problem. Last year visitation to Aspen by Mexicans dropped 30% compared with the 2015-16 ski season. Bookings for 2017-18 aren’t looking much better. There are multiple reasons, but the xenophobia radiating from the Oval Office ranks at the top. As the head of the Mexico City public-...
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Capitol Fax: "IBIC explains the 'TRUST Act' bill"

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Capitol Fax:
Rich Miller: "The Illinois Business Immigration Coalition has a pretty good summation of the TRUST Act bill. And since there’s so much opposition from people who don’t know what’s actually in it, I thought I’d share part of their press release with you."
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Chicago Tribune:
"For the second time this year, an influential group of Chicago-area business leaders is openly challenging the Trump administration's tough anti-immigration policies. But this time around, the more than 170 corporate CEOs, midsized-business owners, neighborhood entrepreneurs and investors are pressing Gov. Bruce Rauner to join their crusade."
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Crain's Chicago Business:
"In keeping with his campaign promises, President Trump has taken a hard-line stance to curb immigration. Arrests of undocumented immigrants with zero criminal records have jumped by nearly 200 percent since last year. The wild fluctuations of sentiments toward immigration, like the shifts of our country's political leanings, are not new. Scapegoating immigrants is as American as baseball and apple pie. It is unproductive, morally wrong and only delays finding solutions to the real problems that...
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Crain's Chicago Business:
"President Trump, keeping his campaign commitments, has issued a series of temporary orders prohibiting immigration from certain nations and suspending refugees from others. To the right this sounds firm, safe and more moderate than some of the President's campaign pledges. At least the orders are not directed at all Muslims. To the left, these orders sound like ethnic discrimination and a lack of mercy. To me, the orders seem imprecisely conceived and poorly executed, not really effective, not ...
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Chicago Tribune:
"An influential group of Chicago-area business leaders, including some of the city's most prominent current and past CEOs, is urging President Donald Trump to scuttle a crucial aspect of his hard-line anti-immigration policy — the mass deportation of unauthorized youths."
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Chicago Sun-Times:
"Recent debate on immigration has turned for the worse. A massive deportation proposal put forth by some presidential candidates is senseless. It would devastate Illinois’ economy and destroy hardworking immigrant families."
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Chicago Tribune:
"The national debate on immigration is ugly, anti-immigrant and full of facile soundbites and unworkable ideas. Many Republicans in Illinois do not agree with this rhetoric. I do not believe Mexican immigrants are rapists or criminals. My wife, Susan Crown, and I supported former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's presidential campaign. Like him, we believe many immigrants come to the United States out of an "act of love," and I would add that they come here to work hard."
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Chicago Tribune:
"To the Republican presidential candidates who will assemble Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library: Illinois was the home state of Abraham Lincoln, the patriarch and soul of our party, and the birth state of Ronald Reagan, the patriarch of modern conservatism, in whose memorial you meet. With this lineage deeply and soberly in mind, I call upon all of you to turn your faces away from the unclean proposal to exile 11 million undocumented immigrants."
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"Pushing away the brightest, most motivated immigrant minds to compete against us is self-sabotage of the first order. American immigration policy, long stalled by the leadership in the House, is driving an economic crisis of our own making. It’s hampering our ability to compete on the global stage. Official policy attracts high-skilled immigrant talent to our universities, only to push them back to their countries of origin once they are ready to work... countries that are rapidly catching up ...
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